We invite Psychologist, Counselors, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Lecturers, Academicians, and Post-Graduate Students as participants of the conference and submission of abstract/paper on contemporary issues in Living Harmoniously & Inclusively in 5.0 Era befitting any of the conference tracks mentioned as under topics of interest.


  1. Empowerment for Disabled Women
  2. Disabled Friendly Working Environments
  3. Mental Health and Well-Being for Minority
  4. Digital Approach for Psychological Assessment & Intervention
  5. Online Support Community for Vulnerable Groups
  6. Optimizing Diversity Resources to fight Racism, Bias and Discrimination
  7. Safe School & Inclusive Education
  8. Job Preparation for Disabled
  9. Family with Special Needs Children
  10. The Role of School Communities in Inclusive Education


Please note each abstract should include the following information between 150-250 words:

  1. Introduction or rationale
  2. Objectives (of project and/or research)
  3. Methods or approach
  4. Results or practice/policy implications
  5. Conclusion


Participants who want to publish the article in the journal or proceeding are requested for full paper submission.  The article does not exceed 15 pages including tables, figures, and references. The paper should be written in English.

All submissions will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and the acceptance/rejections are based on their relevance to the conference topics. The Scientific Committee will evaluate the scientific quality of the submission on the basis of the following criteria: uniqueness of the research, significance of the findings, and clarity.

Submissions should be in MS Word format. Format of full paper submission should: 

  • A4 size paper
  • 1.5 line Spacing
  • Margins: 4 cm on the left and top and 3 cm on the right and bottom
  • Text Alignment: Justify
  • No footers and headers allowed and no numbered pages
  • Fonts:  Title: Times New Roman 14 bold,  Subtitles: Times New Roman 12 bold,      Text: Times New Roman 12


The Paper should include the following information:

  1. Title
  2. Affiliation
  3. Abstract
  4. Keywords
  5. Introduction
  6. Literature Review
  7. Method
  8. Result & Discussion
  9. Acknowledgement, Funding & Ethics Policies
  10. References

Note: In-text citation should be written in Vancouver Numerical System, and Endnote references should be written in APA 7th Edition Referencing Style.


First page:

Title of submission
Name/s of author/s
Affiliation/s of the author/s
E-mail address/es of the author/s


Second page:

Abstract of maximum 250 words (or one page)
Keywords (under abstract): 3 to 5 words


Third page:

Full paper (unless only abstract is intended for publication)


Last page:

References (APA Style)